Saturday, 13 June 2009

An agenda for change

We are, someone once said, what we eat. If so, then we ought to eat things that are good, and nutritious, and ensure everyone else gets the same chance. But this blog is not about saving the world, except as a by-product. It is about good food that doesn't cost the earth in terms of resources, and doesn't send anyone into overdraft status at the end of each month. It's about supporting local producers, local farmers, and local shops. And saving a few pounds by doing so. It's a win-win situation - quality food at budget prices. You just need to cook it yourself, and, by doing so, satisfy both conscience and that primitive need to provide for yourself and those you love. The recipes that follow, and I plan one a week, each Sunday, are tested and documented by me, and as such, pretty much fool-proof. If a fool could mess them up, be assured, I would have done so. But if they succeed, the end of the process is tasty meals for you, a thriving economy around you, and humanity existing within the global ecological carrying capacity of the planet.

I have a dream, and it's contented, well-fed people. The rest of politics would seem to follow pretty much automatically.

Best wishes, for now.
2ndRateMind, Bristol, England.

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